Tuesday, 2 May 2017

The Simplest Of Equations

Egerton  1  Billinge  10

Cheshire Football League – First Division

The equation is quite simple, three games, three wins, and the Championship would belong to Billinge.

Victory today at Knutsford based Egerton would be the first hurdle overcome, but it would also guarantee a promotion berth at the very least. Billinge want more than that though. 

So, it’s a rapid return to Knutsford for me, and in terms of proximity to the recently blogged Knutsford FC, Egerton’s ground is literally right behind the Manchester Road set up. A line of trees is all that divides the two complexes.

But it is quite a complex at the Egerton Youth Club. A large two story building is the centre piece, which contains a social club and the changing facilities. Various pitches are dotted around the venue, including a wooden railed affair that today’s game was to take place on. The pitches were in superb condition, which seems to be a theme in the town.

Rural Serenity
It’s also got ample parking, but I suspect when numerous games are taking place, which the whiteboard inside the clubhouse suggested happens on Saturday’s and Sunday’s, then I can imagine it’s a bit chaotic.

Talking of chaotic, I fancied a pint. The Egerton Manager who I clocked upon my arrival advised that the bar wasn’t open today, so I headed into town, and it was manic. The fair was in Knutsford so it was busy, but if you add a sunny Bank Holiday Monday into the equation, you’ve got a recipe for potential gridlock. I managed to secure a parking spot which was easier said than done, and made my way to the nearest hostelry.

The landlord was concerned, apparently it was the last day of the fair, and what typically happens is the fairground workers go out on the lash afterwards. I won’t go off at a tangent about the fairground community, but they have a habit of not mixing especially well with the locals. A number of pubs were looking at closing for the evening, the risk being too great it appears.

The Calm Before The Demolition
Back at Egerton Youth Club the players were out on the pitch. It was a great setting for football, it had a real rural feel to it, even the planes dropping into Manchester Airport could not detract from the serenity of the location.

If Billinge had any nerves, they were soon settled with two early goals, and then another two before half time made it 4-0 and the game was effectively over. Egerton going forward were not that bad a side, and got a well taken goal just after the break, but a glut of goals in final half an hour gave the scoreline the look of a real demolition job.

Yes, Billinge are on fire at the minute and who would back against then winning the final two games? 

I certainly wouldn’t on this display because going forward they cut through the Egerton defence like a hot knife through butter. But Egerton, let’s get this into perspective, they are a mid-table side and no mugs, so was there an element of freakishness about the margin? Possibly a little bit, Egerton will point to some poor defending, but by the same token, of the ten goals Billinge did put away, they missed an equal number of excellent chances at the same time.

Confidence is sky high, Billinge take on third placed AFC Macclesfield on Saturday and I’ll be there to watch it. If that goes to plan, they take on Mersey Valley on the 13th to potentially claim the crown by overtaking current leaders Warrington Town Reserves.

Simple isn’t it, if only football was really like that…………

See Those Trees - Almost Identical To The Ones At Knutsford FC


  1. Great article. You watched 12 men hungry for success yesterday. Did they suprise me as a manager? Yes and no. Yes as i knew they cared but I didn't realise how much. And no because I have a wonderful bunch of friends who love their football and club.
    Our cafe will sell beers Saturday and our bar, above our indoor pitch will be open after the game. Its a simple bar with no draught but it offers wonderful views over Billinge.

  2. Thanks Geoff, really appreciate your comments.I shall arrive early on Saturday and sample a couple of beers, can't stay afterwards unfortunately but if you get a minute pre-match be good to meet you and perhaps get a quote or two for the article? I'll arrive around 2pm. Cheers Neil